Sanad Service Center

Small and medium sized enterprises owned by citizens from the highly qualified male and female youth, managing their projects on full time basis. It provides a range of services to its customers relying on modern means and systems. And it is Specialized in provision of electronic services.


Integration and excellence in providing e-government services and for promoting e-government


Well-organized centers to provide and deliver public and private entities related services to individuals and organizations in a timely and effective manner, through trained and qualified national workforce.

The strategic goals of SANAD services centers

  1. Contribute to e-Government strategy
  2. Supporting economic fabric through the creation and development of small enterprises
  3. Contribute to the employment of national manpower

The Added Value of Establishing the Centres

  • Bringing government services closer to the citizens
  • Provide services beyond the official working hours
  • One center combines all government services
  • Reduce wasted time in applications processing and wait.
  • Provide employment opportunities
Government entities
  • Reduce the burden on government departments
  • Delivery of services throughout the Sultanate at no extra cost
  • Assistance in implementing part of the electronic government
  • Support small and medium-sized enterprises

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